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JW KOREA SCHOOL is an online language-learning platform with a group of Native Korean tutors.

You'll get to meet your own tutor through live video chat using Zoom.

We customize the classes for each of the students to make the classes most effective.

Find a tutor that will make you fluent in Korean!

Learn Korean On-line

We'd love to help you learn Korean!

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Youngwook (영욱)

Native Korean tutor


Tutor speaks : English

Hello! I’m Youngwook Han, a 33-year-old South Korean semiconductor engineer currently studying at Seoul National University.

I love watching movies and enjoying Korean and American dramas in my free time. I enjoy connecting with others and look forward to new opportunities!

Ah, and I lived in South Africa when I was young. I'm not very proficient in English now, but I used to be quite comfortable with it when I was young.

Sonu (선우)

Native Korean tutor

Tutor speaks : English, Japanese


Hello! I am Sonu

I’m an experienced teacher with a master’s degree in Korean Studies. Blended learning methods for grammar and conversation allows students to learn Korean at their own pace and interact with the culture in class.

Please tell me why you are studying Korean! I will do my best to provide you with the Korean language you need for your study purpose.

See you in class!

Jennie (제니)

Native Korean tutor

Tutor speaks : English, Chinese(Mandarine)


Hello! 안녕하세요.

I am currently working as an engineer and I have been teaching Korean to foreigners on-line.

With my experience learning foreign languages, I'm willing to help you learn Korean in a easiest way.

Learning language should be fun, not afraid of making mistakes.

You'll get to be able to express yourself in Korean, and I want to talk about the things you are interested in.

Let's start learning Korean together!

Tom (경석)

Native Korean tutor


Tutor speaks : French, English

학생 여러분, 안녕하세요.
I am a French professor in Korea.

I have a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience in linguistics, culture, and global history.

I specialize in Korean pronunciation correction, accent reduction  and grammar.

I will speak mostly in Korean during the class. So you'll feel like you're studying in Korea and making Korean environment will help you learn practical Korean expressions.

You will find my general knowledge engaging, and with my clear pronunciation and articulation, you'll soon be on your way to Korean proficiency. 

Ethan (이든)

Native Korean tutor


Tutor speaks : English

Nice to meet you everyone!

I'm from Korea and am an engineer who has business experience internationally. 
I really enjoy meeting people from different countries and learning about other cultures. 
Among many other hobbies, I enjoy travelling, reading and playing sports.

I can teach you business Korean and interview preparation with my working experience.


South Korea

E-mail us if you have any inquiries.

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